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Terms and Conditions

○ Donor should be a bonafide member of the church

○ Donor should duly fill-up the Donor’s registration form in the MCGI Free Store site. Information should include but not limited to the following –

       § Full Name

       § Church ID No.

       § Date of Baptism

       § Baptizer

       § Contact No.

       § Email Address

       § Locale

       § Elder who knows you

       § Elder’s contact no.

○ As this is a free store, recipients should not spend a single cent for product, service or shipping.

○ Donor of the product shall also absorbed the cost of shipping / delivery until it reach the recipient

○ When uploading a product, donor need to select the currency for the price of the product depending on which region / country the donor is in. This currency will be used to get the equivalent points in the system.

○ If the product has already been taken / ordered / reserved, the system should tag the product as such to indicate that it is not available anymore

○ Bogus donor will be deactivated

○ Donors posting bogus products will be deactivated

○ Donors who will be found abusing the site will be deactivated (i.e., no overpricing, price to be based on current market price or lower).

○ Products that are not available anymore but is not sold via online store (i.e., spoilt), donor should tag the product to indicate that it is not available anymore. Fail to do multiple times (to be identified) can result to account being deactivated.

Product posting should have a video or image.

Image should have an optimized size of 700px height and 700px width.

Video should have an optimized size of 20mb and up to a single video only.