1. What is mcgifreestore.com?

MCGI Free Store is a free online store where MCGI Members can post and donate items to other members as recipient who are in need. It is an e-store that uses points instead of currency to get their needed items.

2. Do I need to sign up to be a donor or recipient?

You need to sign up and be verified that you are a legit member of MCGI to be a recipient.

3. What type of products I can donate online?

There are various products you can donate online. It can either be clothes, shoes, house appliances etc. We suggests that you provide the real price into points of the product that they can purchase online using their virtual points wallet.

4. Is my info safe?

Your information and identity is safe with us.

5. Why I cannot check out?

Checkout may fail if the donor did not provide shipping method. You can contact the donor in their donor page and ask them to provide shipping method.

6. How do I create an MCGI Free Store account?

You can create your account by copying the provided link and paste it on your browser address bar: https://mcgifreestore.com/my-account

7. Am I billed as soon as I join mcgifreestore.com?

Any verified account of Recipients will be provided with points. Anyone can be a donor as long as you have something to give to others. Nothing is charged when becoming a donor or a recipient.

8. Why should I subscribe newsletter?

Newsletter is the way to stay-up-to-date on our MCGI Free Store. We will be sending promos and announcements thru newsletter.